Become an official endorser of Leticia Fraga for Council! Please send us a message to authorizing our campaign to add your name to our list of supporters.  If you wish to include a brief statement indicating why you support Leticia, and include your picture to add to our page, that would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you! 

We are incredibly pleased to have received the support of the following individuals: 

"I am excited to support Leticia's candidacy for Princeton Council. Leticia will walk the walk and lead the way as we strive to become a more fair and inclusive community, while continuing to enrich the high quality of life we all prize."
- - Maria (Charo) Juega, Grover Avenue
I have known Leticia and her work for seven years now, when we both joined the Princeton Human Services Commission. As Vice Chair, and Chair of the Civil Rights Committee, Leticia has always been a leader who does her homework, researches what is working in other municipalities, and knows whereof she speaks. I have been privileged to see her mediate difficult situations with some of Princeton's largest institutions. With her husband Steven in the research and business worlds, Leticia also understands the importance of economic development, business, and job creation to our local economy."
- John Heilner, Library Place
Leticia Fraga has a dazzling record of civic involvement and a strong commitment to civil rights. She is a woman of conscience who builds bridges, brings people together, and gets things done effectively. I am proud to endorse her candidacy.  She is a superbly qualified leader."
- Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Mason Drive

“Leticia Fraga is running for Princeton Council for all the right reasons. Even at a local level, politics can be an ego-driven business.  Leticia has no hidden agenda. She simply wants to serve the community and to make it a better place to live - for everyone. As a friend and a long-time neighbor, I'm proud to support her campaign. I have no doubt she truly will be "A Voice for All of Princeton" on council.”

- Chris Johnson, Benjamin Rush Lane

“What I can tell you about Leticia Fraga is that she is a great friend to all of Princeton. That includes those whom she knows and others she has not yet met. Every person matters to her. Leticia takes no notice of neighborhood boundaries. As a Council person she will be a voice for the unheard of Princeton. 

Old school values like hard work, integrity, untiring commitment and endless generosity are what define Leticia. She's a selfless giver of her time for many causes, tackling social issues of great concern for many in our community. Child hunger, affordable housing, educational opportunity, civil rights, traffic safety: Leticia goes all out to advance inclusion and to make our great community even better. “

– Thomas Parker, Leigh Avenue

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to vote for Leticia Fraga for Council this June. Leticia’s record — in municipal government and the non-profit world — speaks for itself. 

 Her core values and unflagging work ethic are both unmatched. Wise, passionate, dedicated and fair: Leticia Fraga will take on the tough issues and make sure Princeton is a place we can be proud to call home.”

– Anastasia Mann

“Leticia is a tireless advocate for all Princeton residents, who speaks out and takes action on issues facing the community. Critically important, Leticia’s leadership on civic engagement means not only giving voice to Princeton’s diverse population in a general sense, but also building confidence in all residents to participate in the public conversation by directly voicing their views on concerns vital to Princeton’s future."

–  Ryan Stark Lilienthal

"Leticia Fraga's approach to problem solving, her concern for social and economic justice, and her ability to communicate with constituents in fluent English and Spanish are great assets.  That is why I support her candidacy for Princeton Council."  

–  Scotia W. MacRae 

"Leticia and I have worked closely together on the Community ID Cards over the last 2 years.  I've been impressed by her dedication, energy and reliability but that's just the beginning.  She's stepped in to take a leadership role in organizing the effort as she has with many other community organizations with which she's involved.  I can't think of anyone to better represent the diverse needs of our diverse community than Leticia."

–  William K. Wakefield





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